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(By Exiled Writer)

Alex Rodriguez became the target of a crazed fan with an obsession for Cameron Diaz and Osama Bin Laden on Monday night’s game at Yankee Stadium. The deranged fan, Grim LeRogue, charged the field and attempted to fight with Alex Rodriguez before he was tackled by security and escorted off the field by police.

LeRogue’s main reason why he wanted to confront A-Rod was because of his romantic relationship with Cameron Diaz.  Besides his lunacy, the fan also had a picture of Cameron Diaz with the words “We will be together soon” and one of Alex Rodriguez with an X over his face and a gun pointed at his head and the message: “You have to go bud, you’ve ruined too many of our white queens.”

LeRogue was charged with assault and taken to the Bronx’s Lincoln Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.  A-Rod and Cameron Diaz did not comment on the attempted attack. 

But according to La Coacha, A-Rod is “the juan to blame!”


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