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Cuban-American journalist, actress and talk show host, well-known for hosting the Spanish-language eponymous show, Cristina recently spoke with The Miami Herald:

`It was so very unexpected the way it was handled, it was so nasty,” said Cristina, over her show cancellation.

“I said, ‘Am I being fired?” The Network said, ‘No, we just want to put this show to bed’

“They want to change the image of the chain and get rid of older workers and young people placed there. I’m too old for what they want to do. And I think that is because I am independent and because I give the orders,”  continued Cristina.

Univision’s Head of Entertainment Luis Fernandes said ,“We are so grateful to have Cristina as a part of the Univisión family and we join her fans in wishing her all the best as she enters this next chapter,”

With Oprah’s showing coming to an end, maybe it’s time for the Latina Oprah to follow in her footsteps. What do you think?

( Story by Alexis Garcia )

2 Responses to “ Cristina Slams Univision Over El Show de Cristina! ”

  1. I remember watching Cristina when I was a kid in elementary school. She had a great show, but there are only so many topics to talk about and I remember that when she exhausted her topics or couldn’t find guests she became the topic of discussion.  Cristina’s background is one of self made wealth after she and her family fled Cuba from the Castro regime. So, I understand why she would be upset and feel like Univision is “firing” her.

    I honestly believe that Cristina was one of the pioneers of Univision that made the  network the powerhouse it is today.

    However, I think that Cristina should also realize that after twenty years on the air it is time for Univision to focus on the next generation of viewers. If her statements about replacing her with a younger host is true then we would be seeing the same with Don Francisco and Jorge Ramos but their shows are variety and news which can’t be compared to a talk show.

    I think Cristina should gracefully step aside and be the mentor for the next talk show host. I can already see La Coacha holding those index cards and the microphone.

  2. Cristina is a total class act and yes, the younger generations want to be represented.  Understood, but she hosts the younger generations on her show and asks questions that many now or days are way to politically correct to do.  Besides if she is so old, what about Don Francisco, he is a dinosaur.  Sabado Gigante has a format from the 1980′s and does not work anymore and has not for years.  I can’t understand Univision’s extreme affection for him and maybe Cristina was cutting in on his talk show.  His accent is so horrible, it is difficult to understand him when he speaks Spanish.  Bring Back Cristina and Nuke Don Francisco…

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