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Cristina show on Univision

The Latina Oprah announced that after 20+ years on TV the Univison show would come to an end.

Selena on Cristina show

The show included guests such as Selena, Celia Cruz, Shakira, Ricky Martin and Jorge Ramos.
The last episode will air on November 1 , 2010.
( Story by Alexis Garcia )

2 Responses to “ El Show de Cristina Comes to an End ”

  1. She did her thing.  Her style and format is now a bit long in the tooth.  Nevertheless she is a pioneer and I salute her.  And I also commend her for getting out while she is still relevant rather than hanging on until she is forced out the door.  Thumbs up for Christina.

  2. Selena!!!!  Hey, La Coacha.  You better never forget Selena. Te estoy wachando!

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