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Chile Mine Collapse

(Story by Joanna Serrano)

Friends and family members of the 33 Chilean members, on October 9th 2010, celebrated as sirens rang through the town. Early in the morning rescuers were able to create a hole with a rescue drill. “It’s one more step. We need to continue to work. This is not over until the last person from the ground exits from the depths,” mining minister Laurence Golborne stated to the local reporters.

The 33 minors have been trapped nearly TWO whole months sending videotapes and letters to loved ones.  “The miners are very calm, much more calm than the press,” Mr. Golborne said. “We need to maintain calm like them.” To rescuers this was plan “B”, having failed with plan “A” rescuers feel very confident that in the following weeks they could physically reach the minors. 

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