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We went to FIDM (where they juiced to choot “The Heels” con La Lauren Conrad.) They were habbing a display of 2011 Oscar costumes. 

Juan of the best costumes was Yonny Depp’s “El Mad Khatter” from La Alicia en Juanderland! It was so detail. It looks like a streeng of bullets, pero it is a streeng of colorful STREENGS! 

Alice in Wonderland costumes at FIDM

Ay almos fainted when ay saw La Christina Aguilera’s costumes from Boorlesque. Cheese SO TINY!! Well, not these days, pero at the time of chooting this film.  So esparkly!


Diss juan from perlas is SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Damn, witch ay had that body to wear this!

Christina Aguilera pearl dress Burlesque

They also had a lot more from the Keeng’s Speesh and more.

Alicia en Juanderland is sooo gonna ween!

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  1. amazing!

  2. hello and what the price of the burlesque dress ?

  3. are these dresses for sale?

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