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My new bideo was so controbersial, that Perez shanged the title of the bideo from “Blon Ambission” to “Is diss bideo Racist? Ay went on the radio chow, Right Weeng Sexo Macheen , to discuss the bullchit and ay took my Tia Kuka along =)

Sheck out the entire entrevista on

3 Responses to “ La Coacha IS NO Racista! ”

  1. To say that La Coacha or her video  is racist because of the Blond Ambition video is just silly. Te apoyo!

  2. estan locos. You r awesome

  3. I loved all of your impressions…Christina, Gaga, Britney, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce, Shakira.

    I think one of the aims of comedy is to point out absurdities in the way we think. The whole “blonde ambition” concept makes fun of the way the media and culture promotes a very particular sort of whiteness. Also, La Coacha traditionally makes fun of her own Chicano background as a way to negate the impact of racism and I think she was tying to also call out absurd stereotypes of African Americans rather than trying to perpetuate them as some people seem to think. I think if Beyonce and Shakira were taken out, it probably would not have garnered so much controversy, but it would take out something that she wanted to say about diversity in the media. My opinion is that it is not racist, but it addresses racism in the media in a creative way.

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