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Story by Eric Elizondo

It was reported that Ninel Conde had tweeted lament over the death of “Barack Osama, the President of the United States of America” and people even provided “proof” by posting screenshots of her tweets. This funny mistake even made her one of Twitter’s trending topics on Monday evening. Ninel kept on tweeting that it wasn’t her that tweeted that and people edited the pictures to look that way. The actress responded by stating

For all to know, I have not expressed anything in relation to the death of Bin Laden, so any information or comments related to this issue attributed to me are false and not from me. Blessings to all. “

Well she’s put her foot in her mouth many times before, but people change, plus we believe some mischievous people just wanted to get her goat. Either way check out the screenshots below and you be the judge. Was Ninel misinformed or does someone have it out for her?



“Actual Tweets”


8 Responses to “ Ninel Conde In Osama/Obama Drama ”

  1. LOL. Did she have plastic surgery on her brain as well? 

  2. Lol this is the funniest shit I’ve read lol hahahahahahahaha Thank you Coacha

  3. vieja ignorante!!..lo unico inteligente ke ha hecho es saber bien ke operarse….ponerse y ponerse…como cuando y donde!! jajaajjajaja

  4. Wow….she tries to deny it too. That’s why you have to be careful what you post.  She deserves to be made fun of.

  5. ultimate F A I L ! Lmaoooooo xD gosh made my day by this i thank you :)

  6. This is further proof that I need to write more news stories for Chismetime

  7. que barbara  ninel…. no hay duda tanto silicon ya se te subio a tu cerebrito…….jajajaja ignorante  una tras otra burraaaaaa………

  8. Hey, it happens… lol… give her a break!  My 11 year old was telling her friends Aladin was dead… How about that? lmao
    Ninel don’t tripp… you are not the only one…

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