Posted by: Fred Turd on Thursday, August 18th, 2011 to Project Run-Away is hosting a beauty giveaway with La Coacha’s favorite Votre Vu products!

Two in One: Moisturizing Lip Balm & Almond Pie Nutrient Rich Hand Crème

The bottom of the creme has it’s own lip balm! This nourishing lip balm made from coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax gently protects, nourishes and softens lips in every condition. A deliciously light and natural coconut flavor delivers a guiltless treat to your mouth with every application. Intensively nourishing, your lips will become supple and shiny again. This formula is worth its weight in gold! Topped with UV filters to add extra protection to your luxe lips, you can indulge in dessert as often as you wish.

This intoxicating hand crème leaves a soft veil of almond and coconut fragrance lingering on the skin. Beautifully absorbed, this special formula was developed to maintain the health, beauty and suppleness of your hands, while delighting your nose with a decadent aroma. This succulent recipe of nourishing and protecting sunflower, grape seed and jojoba oils combined with moisturizing and healing aloe, wheat proteins and natural sun filters develops into the perfect treat, anytime of the day. You’ll never gain an ounce of fat, just one big serving of hydrating heaven! Luxe Hand Crème contains sun filters for UVA/UVB protection to maintain skin tone, while helping protect and keep hands soft, supple and younger looking.

Antioxidant Eye Gelée
A must for allergy prone, fatigued, overworked, under rested, puffy eyes everywhere. Enjoy the cooling and soothing effects of this fresh, transparent, aqua-blue moisturizing gel. Designed for the most expressive yet fragile part of the face, it hydrates, comforts, soothes and protects. Developed to improve the overall health, moisture level and quality of your skin, it firms, tones and tightens the entire eye area while reducing the depth of fine lines and wrinkles. Dark circles fade away into the sunset and puffiness deflates to reveal sleek, refreshed skin. It even helps make-up to stay put! With so many “super star” elements to mention, the formula list reads like a Who’s Who of Successful Ingredients.

LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us why YOU deserve to win these products! Deadline ends on Friday, August 26th!

For more information on how to get vutiful, visit the website of  celebrity makeup artist James Cornwell.

7 Responses to “ Get “Vutiful” with Votre Vu! ”

  1. My tired skin needs a makeover and these products would do the trick

  2. I believe I deserve this because I have a son that is going through his terrible 2′s and is making me look old and worn out every day. And I’m only 30!!! NOOOOOOOOOO QUE ESTA PASANDOOOO??!?!?!


  3. porke dis bish need to look good at 30…. :)

  4. because i wanna look as good as you!! & i could always use a new product in my life & votre vu might just do the job! ;)

  5. I DESERVE THIS because lip balm + moisturizer!!?? best idea ever i apply lip balm every five minutes.. im known for it :)

    I need a new eye cream and this one sounds amazing. PLUS, I follow La Coacha on twitter and I LOVE watching all of her red carpet events and she posts amazing giveaways like this one ;)

  6. As a stressed out college student who goes to school in the northern part of the states, my skin often shows the effects of studying (and partying) hard. Being able to win these would help keep me fresh looking like the flawless Coacha, aspiring to have that smooth coconut hands and the perfect way to hide any evidence of sleepless nights.

  7. I really need these products to give to my wonderful mom for her birthday because she deserves them.

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