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Meet La Daniela Musto: a fun and fresh TB personality, fashion expert & celebrity estylist.

Biewers no him from NBC’s Fashion Star and La Longoria’s Ready for Lub! Musto’s work is in high demand by celebrities como Yenny McCarthy, La Paula Abdul, Achlee Seempson, Quendra Weelkonson and more. caught up with the fabulosa of Musto for some chismelicious questions!

CT: If joo was a female pop star who would joo be and why?

DM: I would be Britney, because she can literally do anything, good or bad, and the world always has her back.

(Oh baby, baby! Here’s a throwback of Daniel Musto and Britney Spears circa 1998.)

What’s jur biggest pet peeve when estyling divas?

Sometimes they want you to do things like guess their weight… When you say you don’t want to, they assume it’s because you think they’re fat. Sometimes I suffer with my clients, the way men do with their wives.

Who was jur fashion icon growing up?

Justin Timberlake. I wanted to destroy every article of clothing I had, so it would look like his wardrobe… So I destroyed all my clothes. I ended up looking shipwrecked…not awesome.

What is the worst peek up line joo heard?

If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me? (Sorry Britney!)

What is jur favorite song to seeng to in the chower?

We all live in a yellow submarine. Yellow submarine. Yellow submarine. Not because I love it, but because my “hums” always end up sounding like it.

Any ghetto feex-teeps?

If the bottoms of your shoes are slippery, take a sharp knife and scrape them up. You look a little like a pedicurist removing a callus from your shoe, but it’s all good in the hood.

In jur opinion, what was the worst Gaga outfit ebber?

The beef. I was at the VMAs that year and just felt grossed out. Not by the look of it, but by the idea of sitting on the slabs of meat all day.

Joo estyle La Karina Esmirnoff all the time and are good frens with her. Who would joo like to see her date next?

Someone who loves fitness, is a gentleman, but has an edgy personality like Adam Levine.

Do joo know any words in Spanish?

No. (That wasn’t me saying “No”, it was me knowing the Spanish word, “No”.)

Did joo ebber play with Mama Donna’s clothes growing up?

When I was really little I used to put on her T-shirts and pretend they were dresses. I think that’s the farthest that ever went… I did also have an adult size Joey McIntyre T-shirt I got at the NKOTB concert when I was 3. I wore it religiously, even though it went all the way to the floor. Don’t think I didn’t also wear the patent leather shoes and cutout tophat. Duh.

Favorite Mexican restaurant? And what joo order there?

I love Pinches Tacos. The potato flautas are my weakness. Don’t tell my trainer.

Favorite Latino artist and why?

Ricky Martin. He’s the Will Smith of Latin Music. What’s not to love?!

Have joo dated a Latino?

As much as I love flirting with Latinos, I’ve never dated one. Should I?

As a celebrity stylist, would did joo teenk of La Keem Kardachian’s MET GALA 2013 dress?

I’ll let my Instagram photos do the talking =)

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