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Wilmer Valderrama was the star of the night arriving at Playhouse Nightclub to host the launch of Annex Man Magazine. Wilmer looked effortlessly stylish wearing dark jeans, a black V-Neck tee, spiritual bead bracelet and a leather jacket to the event.  Annex Man, which focuses on high street fashion and lifestyle, features Valderrama on their debut cover for Summer 2013.

Valderrama was excited to be hosting the event for Annex Man and was humbled by the Editor in Chief, Allan Troy Watson, selecting him for the cover.  Wilmer spoke exclusively with Maximo TV and will have some music coming out this Summer.  We learned that his music will be influenced by one of his idols, Carlos Santana, and making it more theatrical and more cinematic, combining his experiences as an actor.   Not only did he work with LMFAO on “Sexy and I know it,” he is featured on a current track called “Salud” with Sky Blu and will be directing the music video next week.

In addition to music and directing, Valderrama says he will be coming back to comedy and TV as well this year! As far as any Demi Lovato rumors or any other love interests, he gracefully deflected the question saying ‘he has a lot going on this year and is excited to get back in front of the camera again.’ Sean Kingston later joined Wilmer to keep the celebration going at Playhouse Nightclub.

You can watch the full interview above.

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  1. He’s cute. He needs to make a comeback.

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