Posted by: La Coacha on Friday, July 12th, 2013 to Movie Madness

We went tu a private escreening of Pacifico Rim, a new pelicula by Warner Hermanos, directed by Guillermo del Toro. Guillermo was at the theatre and told the audience how he grew up in Mexico, pero was fascinated by Japonés amime!

The moobie is set in the 2020s, when Planeta Earth is under attack by monsters so human beans come tugether tu make their own robot monsters. The fun part is that is all in 3D! Take a ride in the playa and in Hong Kong!

Del Toro is the gordito on the right. He is the film director and is originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco and studied at studied at the Centro de Investigación y Estudios Cinematográficos. Now he’s all grande time con Warner Bros and chit!

Couldn’t concentrate during the pelicula because of the Britich actor, Sharlie Hunna. Daaayum, El Hunnam is a Hunny!!

The moobie is out today, Julio 12th!

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