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Why does Pepe Aguilar wear shades all the time? Mario Lopez gives us an intimate look at 4-time Grammy Award and 3-time Latin Grammy Award winning artist  who modernized mariachi. From a rock band start to his icon status, Aguilar shares how his roots and family keep the music fresh and surprising.

On NUVOtv’s Mario Lopez: One on One, Pepe talks about everything from his father’s death in 2007 (Mexican singer and songwriter Antonio Aguilar) and the lesson it taught him, to his wife’s kidnapping and how he was personally affected by the recent passing of Jenni Rivera.

Check out some clips below:

Pepe on his wife’s kidnapping!


Pepe on father’s passing!


The interview airs on NUVOtv this Tuesday, September 10th at 10PM.

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  1. Mario Lopez is sooo cute. I like him a lot.

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