Posted by: La Coacha on Sunday, January 17th, 2010 to Project Run-Away

Oye little monsters! La Coacha needs some angels from Los Angeles to BOLUNTEER in making some Lady Gaga costumes. Here are some of the outrageous outfits, Coachita wants to get started on. We only got juan week. I can gib joo credits in the bideo. Feel free to email me for questions: [email protected]
Oh, and Lady [...]


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I had met Dita sometime last jeer, when I was an audience member at the Shellsea Lately chow. 
Looking for some new material for my blog, I decided to go to her book signing on Bentura!
Dita was really elegant, classy, humble, and petite. La Libra takes really good care of herself, and us ladies need to follow [...]


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I wore Baytobin’s bynil record on my head as a hat!!! Que cool was that??? I got compliments from all the stars como Shakira, Leona Lewis, Selenaz Gomez, Black Eyed Peez, Green Day, and eben Nicole Kidman’s husband!!! Random people were taking pictures of my hat, including Yay-Z’s DJ, who tweeted it. Gracias to the [...]


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So, I was Snow White for Halloweeeeeen. It was so fun trying to be a white woman. I went all out. Dyed my hair negro, whore blue contact lenses and white powder. People thought I was wearing a really cool wig, pero my talented hairstylist Yudie Tallman, pinned my hair into a bob. Muy cute, [...]


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On Friday Coacha Coachita had a photochoot at MacArther Park. It once was a luxurious place in the early 1900’s. Pero, it now looks like my ghetto hometown of TJ.
Anyways, these pictures were taken for a new webside layout I am doing for early 2010. 

Here’s a pic of my sweetheart photographer Beth (on the [...]


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This is the sparkly dress I will be wearing tomorrow. What color chud I paint my nails? What color flower chud I wear in my hair???  Suggestions? It’s gonna be an outdoor choot, on a ghetto street. Can’t wait =)


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Since Yennifer Lopez now calls herself, “Lola”, I am gonna start calling myself, “LaLa.” In case some of joo were wondering what my closet looks like…Imagine what it will look like when I am rish y famosa!!!

My yewelry on top and and my tootoos y corsets on the bottom!

I put all my hair flowers in [...]


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I ron like to wear the color black unless it is combined weed animal print or a chalking color.
So, I saw this cebra print/hot pink ribbon dress at Ross for $19.99. I was debating whether I chud buy this spensive dress, until I saw it’s mashing $2.99 chonez!!