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“Blue balls” has got to be the funniest teem to a fiesta! Eberyjuan had to wear the color azul, and for the 1st time in my vida, Coachita was boted bess dress along con 2 other amaseeng ladies, La Dita bon Teese y Yeannie Mai!

La Coacha, Dita Von Teese, Jeannie Mai

Eberyjuan LUBBED my dress! It was a prom dress from the cutest store eber, Joonique Bintage and they got so many Coacha-esque dresses: colorful, fluffy and feminine! 

Unique Vintage Logo
Unique Vintage
La Coacha

Patron coincidentally rocked out a fro too, and when we saw eashother we were laffing and saying, WE ALL AFRICA!!!

La Coacha and Perez Hilton

The sexiest and moss fun purrformance of the noche was Señora Tease!

Dita von Tease naked, tits, ass, martini

My faborite persona there was Patron’s mami, Teresita, who looks como La Lucille Ball pero talks como El Desi Arnaz! 

La Coacha and Perez Hilton's mom, Teresita

Ey-lista Estars sent in bideos from their toors, including GAGITA!!!! 


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  1. You’ve lost A LOT of weight. The prettiest you have ever looked. 


  3. Pinchi Coachita! Never noticed how much you look like Eva Longoria. And I’m loving your new negra look, lol. What happened? 

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