Posted by: Fred Turd on Thursday, June 16th, 2011 to ¡Qué Cute!, Fiesta Platter, Musica

story by Eric Elizondo

Stills have surfaced from the young singer/actress’ music video for “Love You Like A Love Song”. As you can see she is including a mariachi band and a piñata, Que fun! It’s nice to see Selena including her hispanic background into her career. Along with singing a couple of her songs in spanish the startlet has stated that recording a whole spanish album is a goal for her.

7 Responses to “ Selenita Has A Fiesta ”

  1. so beautiful

  2. this is wonderful singing with mariachis

  3. lovebly girl

  4. I like her

  5. what’s the guy’s name with her on the last picture?

  6. yeah, who is that guy?! Hes gorgeous!

  7. Damn!! someone please give us the name of the mexican guy with purple eyes!

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