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Joe Jackson-Rev. Al Sharpton

Another memorial is set to be held for the King of Pop in his hometown of Indiana.

The event kicks off at 6PM today (July 10) at the public ballbark. Joe Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson will all be making appearances.

Meanwhile, Michael’s abusive father, will have an ABC Primetime interview on July 14th, possibly plugging in his record label again. 

Joe, 80, says he was shocked when he learned the pop icon had been rushed to the hospital on June 25.

“I just couldn’t believe what was happening to Michael. I do believe it was foul play,” says father of the late singer.

Family Secrets — The Jackson Family: Life After Michael, set to air this Tuesday, July 14.


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  1. Michael, where did all your creativity come from ??? Each new song is as amazing as the ones before, there’s so much effort to come around with something that has never been done, many artists should study from you, Michael. You were so eager to please your fans and went to the extreme for that, but you did not get the appropriate recognition you deserved. It is possible to make up for this now ??? I am not a religious person so I don’t much believe there is a life upthere, but for you I am willing to change my morals so see you sometime on a soft white little cloud.
    I am crying as I write those lines. You wouldn’t have liked it, I know, but I am just human and this is human nature to cry, whether in extremely happy or extremely sad times.
    God bless you

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