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Remember the morenito who wrote me the email, Don’t be Chy, Give me a Try?? 

Well, “E” is Back!! Here’s the latest romantic poem he wrote for LaLa. I copied and pasted it.

Brotha E!

Just for the hell of it,
I wanted to type away something while looking at your picture. Nothing in particular. Just thoughts that comes to mind.

I’m sure your profile picture was chosen for a reason. Maybe you wanted to update your profile because it’s a newer photo. Maybe you thought to yourself that this will get a lot of attention. Well, if that’s the case, you surely got mine! :)

The way you have it designed and those eyes sort of puts me in a trance….

You have me thinking of all types of ideas,
Thoughts that sometimes give me chills.
Oh don’t worry; I’m not talking about fear,
But the erotic ones whenever you’re near.

To stand in the rain, or take a shower together,
Is a romantic moment that I will always treasure.
To have you wet from the inside out,
That’s the kind of love I’m talking about.

I know I maybe saying a bit too much,
We haven’t even meet, not even a touch.
But this fantasy I have, I’m proud to say,
Inspires me to live on, to achieve that day.

When we meet face to face and embrace one another,
No longer a dream, for tonight we are lovers.
One mind, one body, one love, one soul,
For that is my one true passionate goal…

One Love!

Hope you enjoyed the poem! :)
Take care!

Just me,


17 Responses to “ Brotha “E” E-mailed me Again!! ”

  1. E… get a life dude. You’re a creeper!

  2. tell him you are not a Kardashian

  3. Lala do you think he is a crazy Aquaruius???

  4. where is he from?????

  5. NEXT!!!!! whats up with this vato loco…gurl u can doos better… he is so trying to hard…is he trying to look like a poor man R.kelly?

  6. yoo like morenitos?…

  7. Its sweet of him to send you a poem and he is kinda hunky … BUT … it sounds like the words to a CHRIS BROWN song! Lady CoCo stick to your bf!

  8. Lala this poem is too much but do joo like it?

  9. Oh. Hell.NO………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not only did this  guy send freakishly weird pictures…..but now this time he has followed up with something more horrorfiying….
      I said it last time. R-E-S-T-R-A-I-N-I-N-G    O-R-D-E-R.  Is this guy reading this crap?
     Sounds like you two are in a relationship. EXCEPT you don’t know it yet. 

    First time was funny, second time is just plain scary…

  10. At least he’s not trying to rap.
    That would just be sad.
    Hopefully he knows you’re shaming him on your website, lol.

    Don’t trust anyone who says they’re in love after seeing only your profile picture for the first time… that’s high school shit.

    If you fuck it, wear a condom and have a buddy in the room watching, not to be kinky, just to make sure he doesn’t kill you.
    You never know these days with people you meet on the interweb.

  11. Of course most men would like to have their shoes parked under your bed. I think a man would be better off using a more subtle approach. For instance, Hey girk wanna get some tacos someday?

  12. I would consider getting life insurance, some sort of weapon, good locks on ur house and might want to consider relocating, just to be on the safe side.

  13. Chica,

    Joo need to find out who he really is.  It’s berry sweet and carinoso, but joo never know!  Ten cuidado!

    Lots of love. La Krazy =)

  14. This guy. Arggghh. lol

  15. Lala,
    Shouldn’t file this CRAP under Que Cute but under Que Loco, Que feo……

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  17. Hey Coacha !
    sabes que loquita,
    you are seriously one of the most hilarious women i’ve seen in my LIFE !
    i love your videos,
    if you had a talk show,
    i wouldn’t miss it for the world !
    you’re beautiful !

    your fan.



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