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 Ebery once in a while, La Coacha gets hit on by a brotha. Tooday’s winner is a morenito who emailed me his picture and a poem. I copied and pasted it. What joo guys think? Should Coacha dump her boyfren for this guy?

King Cuz

Most men struggle with this….

Many leave clinging their fists…..

Some survive from being dissed

Few don’t even make the list

When they see a woman as sexy as you

They don’t know what to say or do

We stare, then drool; not having a clue

The proper way to approach you

 Rejection of course pops in our mind

No way this woman so lovely and fine

Would even think to give me the time

I must be crazy to imagine her mine!!

 How can I say it without sounding gay

No pick-up lines; doesn’t work anyway

She looks at me but I shy away

I think she’s coming over this way!

 Time is ticking, the moment of truth

She stands next to me, right by the booth

I’m smiling so hard, I think I crack a tooth

I’m damn near 40 but I feel like a youth!

I clear my throat as I’m thinking what to say

“Hi!” “I’m Ellis!” “How you doing today?”

“Can I offer you a drink?” “What’s that Alize?”

“Wanna grab some seats?” or “Dance the night away?”

Before I could speak, you done came and gone

My shy ass waited far too long

Overcome with fear; cuz my game wasn’t strong

And now I’m right back to square one; alone!

I’ve learned a valuable lesson that day!

To man up at the plate and not turn away!

Get in the game, have fun and play!

It’s not what you think, its what you say! 

Hope you like this poem I’ve written. Hoping you’ll understand and don’t be shy and give a brother a try… might even find me a cool guy! 

Just me,

30 Responses to “ Don’t be Chy, Give me a Try! ”

  1. Its way too long lol. I didn’t read it all .HAHA. Umm what if hes gay, who writes poems these days.!

  2. Ummmm…..hell yeah dump him!!

    Love the poem and his determination!!!

  3. ummm no.

  4. the  kardashians are going to be sooo jealous

  5. Oh girl are you another Kim Kardashian????

  6. I love hus body

  7. He is hot

  8. no mami…. stay con tu novio!

  9. cute poem, pero no; he might kitnap yu

  10. OMG La Coacha give him a try! He can be your papi.
    and BTW, I was laughing throughout reading this poem.

  11. this is hilarious……te envidio coacha….i want someone to write me a poem this romantic jajaja

  12. Can we say…. restraning order?
    Issues that I have with this
    1. his name is Ellis
    2. he has a”cracked tooth” and who wants a man with dental issues (ha jk)
    3. this is equvilant to the grade school “do you like me letters”  hahhahah I am surprised it didn’t have the option of ” check yes or no if you like me”.
    4. Now we ALL know that he is 40 and alone….yet still can’t get into ”the game”

  13. Wait you have a boyfren? You are soo HOTT that you can get better than him.  If I were a lesibiana I would want to do you too!

  14. No No No dont do it

  15. Listen to Alfredo please dont do it once you have him you cannot go back.

  16. please No!!!!!

  17. as he says…………
    “Would even think to give me the time
    I must be crazy to imagine her mine!!”

    Yep….see it!! There is your proof…. (well besides the freakishly weird photo he sent)he already admits he is crazy….soon he will go on a cross county trip, wearing a diaper,driving nonstop……….. just to ASK YOU out..IN PERSON.

    Also, weird and creepy…. he admits he seen you……or……stalking you?
    “She stands next to me, right by the booth”
    “Before I could speak, you done came and gone…..”My shy ass waited far too long”

    RESTRAINING ORDER .  Ha…you got a stalker…Congrats…your famous chica!!

  18. Ay Mija, he brought tears to my ojos. He sounds so sweet and nice. If your present boyfriend does not show you that much love DUMP him. You deserve the best a man can give you. His heart, his love, his respect, his appreciation and his gentlemanners.

  19. Aww…Coacha, joo r soooooo hawt. No wonder he hit on u. And the poem is soooooo sweet!!!!

  20. This makes me wonder…… has Mr. Ellis seen this?????

  21. Does he really Box? He may give KM the ole 1 2 punch!!!!  Hahaha Damn 3 responses? Get a life! 

  22. No Coacha you are not a Kardashian

  23.  I look just like him

  24. i thought KM was funny. and i bet your boyfren is sooo much hotter, choacha!

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  28. frijoles con MUCHISIMO queso

  29. Nice poem, a bit sophomoric, and even though he goes by “E” he is certainly no Ernesto Trejo - keep the boyfren and keep us laughing!

  30. Maybe he used his big weiner to take the picture! Go for it Coacha!

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