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It was a good day in Los Angeles yesterday for many Lakers fans, but a bad day for me, and the rest of us Laker haters. But, as big of a Laker hater I am, I’m more of a Spurs hater due to the fact that I’m a Phoenix Suns fan (cause you and I know that the Lakers can’t beat the Suns). Anyway, yesterday was a great game which ended with a controversial no call foul on Brent Barry. A message to San Antonio, you are looking for a lousy excuse for the loss against the Lakers, but why not try this for an excuse, YOU GAVE THE BALL TO BRENT BARRY WITH 2 SECONDS LEFT IN THE GAME!!!! BRENT BARRY!!!


I understand that Brent Barry had one of his best games of his career, shooting 50%, 5-11 from the 3 point line prior to that last shot, and scored 23 points, but put the Lakers in the same situation, would anyone be living easy if Jordan Farmar or Sasha Vujacic took the final shot? Obviously you would be looking for an excuse at the end of the game, but either way, Tony Parker is still getting laid and Tim Duncan JUST got picked up(a day later) from the Arena cause his wife forgot about him.

In other news, I went to the post game wrap up after the game to check out what happens behind the scenes. Besides the fact that Tim Duncan was going crazy cause his wife wasn’t picking up his calls, I thought it was great to see Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher crying, not cause they won an emotional game, but because Lamar Odom just realized that his child died. It was touching. Lamar hadn’t known that his baby passed away a year and a half ago, and when he found out last night, his reasoning to not knowing was simple “Dawg, this is some good weed.”

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In other news, I think the Celtics will win the game tonight. Something tells me it’s going to happen. Maybe cause they’re FAVORED BY 6 against the Pistons(which usually it’s 4.5) and if I’m you, I’m taking them covering.

Celtics by 11.

6 Responses to “ The Lakers beat the Spurs! ”

  1. shut up. i have been a lakers fan for decades. i yell at the TV all the time. you should move out of LA if you hate the lakers. ps. you are kinda funny.

  2. hell yea, lakers suck.  

  3. brent barry is cross eyed. 

  4. The real jerk is Charles Barkley… After all the trash he talked about San Antonio being a “Podunk” town full of fat people, he sure as hell was at Club Rive in downtown San Antonio on Sunday night after the game-scoping out some San Antonio ladies- and he sure did look hungry himself…. maybe he likes a girl with meat on her bones… someone fatter than him.By the way, isn’t  Charles from Leeds, Alabama?  That’s “podunk”.

  5. i stopped watching basketball so i don’t know if the lakers are a new team or not, call vegas and tell them to stop fixing games- since they wanna see boston-lakers so badly to re-live the glory days and get some heat off of the commissioner from last year, no other team is allowed to get to the finals. these refs are bitches.


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