Posted by: Don Deportus on Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 to Sports Deporter

Even though everyone in Los Angeles thinks the Lakers are going to win tonight in Game 6 and even if they do win they are not going to be crowned as the NBA champions this year. Boston has only lost one game at home throughout the playoffs and even though Kobe is the MVP of the year his team is waaay too soft to beat the Boston Celtics twice at their home.

So in conclusion, I just want to say…Laker fans, this is the last time you will see your team go this far because I promise you that next year Kobe Bryant is going to have a “I don’t want to win the MVP this year, I just want to be a champion” mentality. And with that mentality he will dismantle this team, as great as a player he is, but as horrible as a teammate he will be. Just ask Shaq.

And… Celtics fans, congratulations on such a great year! Your steal of Kevin Garnett has given you the ring but has also given you a changed Paul Pierce who went from getting stabbed 11 times to being the biggest p*ssy-acting-player the NBA has ever seen in the finals. I don’t care if he wins the MVP of the finals. I went from watching this man turn into such a little bitch. Congratulations Lakers and Celtics. GO PHOENIX SUNS!!!!! I’m off to my sixth beer.

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  1. As a Laker fan I knew we had no chance.  It was a simple game of numbers.  It was their 12 black players to our 2 black players (Kobe and Lamar).  Obviously Boston wins.

  2. Scheck out la mullet on Steve. NO HWAY!!

  3. kobe you are the best no matter what happens i will always be your #1 fan here suporting you always,my biggest wish is to go to a lake game and see you score lots of points,i am a huge laker fan and always be ,(forever) always remember you are the best!!

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