Posted by: Don Deportus on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 to Sports Deporter

I don’t understand how Brett Favre is not getting the love that he deserves. Brett Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks alive, and he is not getting any love. He does complain and bitch a lot like a closeted gay guy (something like Fred Turd & Tom Cruise) and a little diva (like Perez Hilton)…but in the end, he is the man and the face of Green Bay. I have no clue how they are letting him go so easily, and how they most likely are sending him off to TAMPA BAY. Listen the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS play in a crappy division and they’ve been lacking a strong quarterback for years ever since their defense has slowly weakened. Last year their defense did fairly well and led them into the playoffs with Jeff “faghag” Garcia as their Leader. If Brett Favre is this team’s leader, I guarantee a 12 win season at least, a first round bye, and a trip to the NFC championship. Once they get there, I don’t think there’s turning back.

BUT! this trade hasn’t happened yet, and if it does, which we all are impatiently waiting for, than this is going to go down as the destruction of the cheeseheads forever. It will take them a while until they become good. For God’s sake have you seen Aaron Rodgers?

aaron-rodgers-green bay-football-nfl

This dork is gonna lead a team to a winning season???? Get atta here! He will get injured in the fourth week when the Bucs and Pack play eachother. Put your money on the bucs week in and week out. I guarantee that you will win more money than you will lose once Favre is officially their quarterback.

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