Posted by: Don Deportus on Friday, August 1st, 2008 to Sports Deporter

The Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles and not of Anaheim acquired Manny Ramirez in a steal of a trade. Manny Ramirez might be 100 years old, but that lazy fat man can still bring in runs and hit home runs like nothing. I’ve followed Manny from a young age as a Cleveland Indians fan. i loved him when he led us to the world series twice, and hated the guts out of him when he beat us last year while playing for the Boston Red Sox.

If I’m a Dodger fan, I’m loving the hippie-go-lucky, and as an Indian fan, he’s just a bitch. Good luck to the Dodgers, I feel like if they play well and dump Andruw Jones, they are on pace of taking it in the NL.

Speaking of bitches, my cousin ,La Coacha, has been calling me out for quite a while now for not writing. I need to my two fans and do the right thing by letting them know that I have an extremely bad drinking problem. Instead of drinking 4 cervezas and getting wasted, i’m at 6 now, so everything’s looking brighter. And on that note, come back thursday to check out my list of hottest sports wives and sports bitches. I love you all.

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